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What is CoinsManager?

A secure crypto-currency (bitcoin & alt-coin) wallet manager that never needs your private keys. It just uses your public addresses to watch your balances, presenting the aggregated value of your portfolio in fiat currencies. You can download it from GitHub.

Why did you start this project?

As new bitcoin & alt-coin fans, we soon found that it took too much time to manually track our number of coins, their value and the estimated gains or losses from our investments. We realized that this work could be automated by exploring the relevant blockchains for transactions related to our addresses.

There are existing projects that do similar things, but they lack alt-coin support, integration with exchanges, and various options we would like to see.

That‘s why we decided to start our own project, learning some new world-changing technologies to build a really cool website.

Why do I need CoinsManager?

  • To keep a record of all your public addresses (one place to find them all, no need to open a wallet every time you need to know your address)
  • To find at a glance how many coins you possess in each of your wallets
  • To know the value of your assets in your favorite fiat currency, computed from your favorite exchanges.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. It is free, and will stay free forever. We still have costs related to the infrastructure, and are paying them ourselves for the moment. We also appreciate donations: donors and contributors will be rewarded when we introduce gamification elements (special badges, customization elements, etc).

I am newbie, where can i buy bitcoins or some other coins?

That’s a good question! You can search for some useful guides across the internet. For example, you can buy Bitcoins with Skrill which is a bit expensive but easy if you have a skrill account. Or, if you don’t have one, check this guide about How to buy bitcoins at Walmart. Most transactions will require verification process because bitcoin transfer can’t be reversed. It may be a tricky way, but if you want to stay anonymous you can Buy bitcoins without verification.

When do you plan on releasing?

As soon as possible, we hope around February. Join our mailing list to be notified when we release the alpha version. This first version will be extremely experimental, and we’ll count on our early adopters to provide us feedback to fix issues as soon as possible (we‘d rather not spend 3 months building a feature if nobody wants it).

Can I expect more in the future?

Yes! Once we get our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) done, we’ll work on scaling the application, and introduce a lot more features (especially gamification elements) exchanges.

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked! If you have any skills in web development (or want to learn them), fork us on GitHub, read our online documentation for contributors, implement your feature and send us a pull request!

If you lack of time or aren‘t a developer, you can still help us promote the project, give us feedback, or make a donation to support us.